HPC Center


Waldur is used by HPC centers for offering a convenient self-service environment for research communities and R&D companies. HPC centers can integrate their SLURM or MOAB-based batch processing facilities, add OpenStack clouds and easily provide secure access to their customers.

The main benefits of using Waldur for HPC centers are:

  • A web-based self-service tuned for use cases of HPC center.
  • Ability for the researchers to see and compare innovative offerings in an honest and transparent way.
  • Support of multiple identity providers: local, LDAP, FreeIPA and EduGAIN.
  • A clear channel for engaging private sector and generating additional revenue.
  • Usage dashboards highlighting current, historical and projected consumption of IT resources by research communities.


To assure successful implementation of Waldur in HPC center, an agile and evolving approach is suggested. It allows to mitigate the risks related to integration and adoption by users.

Implementation journey


Deploy of a minimal Waldur system and connect it with OpenStack.

Extension of resources

Setup FreeIPA for Waldur accounts.
Create top level SLURM allocation for self-service users.



Register Waldur as federated service provider.
On-board users by sharing URL of a service.

Production launch

Open service for research communities.
Assure monitoring is configured and backups are running.


Building your own HPC Center?

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