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Waldur is a value-add Cloud Services Brokerage platform, enabling unified multi-cloud service delivery for Service Providers, Public Sector and Enterprises.


Single platform to automate cloud infrastructure & cloud applications delivery.
State-of-the-art self-service portal for end customers.
Realtime service adoption metrics and admin console for platform operator.
Built-in accounting and integrations with third-party billing systems.
Integrated customer support ticketing with third-party helpdesk backends.
Open-source, extendable and comes with a professional support.


High-level RESTful APIs

Publish high-level Service Provider APIs to your customers, enabling programmatic Service Store access and resource lifecycle management.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Funnel resources from private and public clouds. OpenStack, AWS EC2 and DigitalOcean are already supported.

Team and Project Management

Let your customers invite people into project teams and to delegate resource management within project workspaces, using simple role-based access controls.


Empower your customers with streamlined self-service portal for easy resource lifecycle management and for achieving better end-to-end visibility.

Audit logs and Alerting

Trackable events, alerts and notifications, always available to your customers for compliance and activity monitoring.

Usage-based Accounting

Built-in predictive cost estimating and usage-based resource accounting helps to get clear view on finance for both sides.

Integrated Helpdesk

Waldur includes support ticketing functionality and integrates with third-party Helpdesk backends.


Having high precision data from various sources provides vital insights into your end customers behaviour.

Professional Support

Support subscriptions and deployment services are available for running Waldur in production.

Waldur HomePort Screenshots

Waldur HomePort splits management functionality into workspaces that are used by users in corresponding roles.
Waldur supports management of resources from both public and private cloud providers through a single pane of control.
Оrganization and project teams management is done with invites-based delegations. Allows to maintain full control over access grants while streamlining operations.
Service provider management provides detailed information about certifications and terms of services of a particular solution, as well as allows to see prices and SLA terms.
Service Store allows to provision resources from the available service providers that match policy configurations for a particular project. Service Store offers a common provisioning flow for heterogeneous cloud providers.

How it works

Waldur MasterMind cloud broker implements REST API service that enables end customers to access Service Store and organization, project, resource management functionality. MasterMind comes with advanced Admin Portal interface for operator-only use.

MasterMind is highly modular. Modules are divided into Core, AuthN, Value-add and Provider groups. For example, Core modules deal with standardized global objects while Provider modules map and handle backend specifics. Core functionality can be extended and customized further with Value-add modules and identity providers are fully pluggable.

Provider modules allow to integrate and connect with in-house infrastructure orchestrators, existing systems and public cloud endpoints.

Waldur HomePort is a state-of-the-art Self-Service Portal targeted at the end customers. It is built as AngularJS application and communicates with MasterMind API service directly from a browser. It provides visualization layer for usage dashboards, Service Store catalogue, resource management and much more.

HomePort includes Helpdesk functionality for convenient interaction with operator’s support team.

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Service Providers

Creation of white-labelled Service Store / Marketplace solutions, for cloud applications and infrastructure sales automation. Waldur can be used to add value to (re)sellable resources and services.

Public Sector

Creation of state-of-the-art national or regional hybrid cloud providers, tuned for public sector budget planning and service delivery. Waldur can be used to glue together an ecosystem of private and public stakeholders.


Consolidation of in-house and external cloud resources, exposed to internal “customers” through a convenient self-service environment. Waldur can be used to increase efficiency and to have better end-to-end visibility.


Professional support subscription plans are available for running Waldur in production.

Common Terms of Support

  • Hours of coverage
  • Support channel
  • Number of cases
  • Basic
  • Business hours
  • Web
  • Unlimited
  • Premium
  • 24×7
  • Web + Phone
  • Unlimited

Support Response Times

  • Severity 1
  • Severity 2
  • Severity 3
  • Severity 4
  • Basic
  • 2 business hours
  • 4 business hours
  • 1 business day
  • 2 business days
  • Premium
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 4 business hours
  • 8 business hours


Waldur is developed and supported by
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