Open-Source Cloud and HPC Platform

Waldur is a platform for managing private clouds, public clouds and HPC Centres.
It automates OpenStack and Slurm, has billing, user self-service and support desk.


Integrated marketplace for publishing cloud services. Wide selection of supported integrations.
A self-service portal for the end-users supporting social, national and federated identity providers.
Real-time, historical and predictive reports for service providers and consumers.
Built-in accounting and integrations with third-party billing systems. Support for one-time, usage-based or periodic billing models.
Integrated customer support ticketing with third-party helpdesk backends. Can be used to provide a single support line for all managed resources.
Open-source, extendable with a professional support option. API-first design ready for deployment on premise and in the cloud.


High-level RESTful APIs

Publish high-level Service Provider APIs to your customers, enabling programmatic Marketplace access and resource lifecycle management.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Funnel resources from private and public clouds. OpenStack, AWS EC2 and DigitalOcean are supported, along with many more.

Team and Project Management

Let your customers invite people into project teams and delegate resource management within project workspaces using simple role-based access controls.


Empower your customers with a self-service portal for easy resource lifecycle management and for achieving better end-to-end visibility.

Audit logs and Alerting

Trackable events, alerts and notifications, always available to your customers for compliance and activity monitoring.

Usage-based Accounting

Built-in predictive cost estimating and usage-based resource accounting helps to get clear view on finance for all sides.

Integrated Helpdesk

Waldur includes support ticketing functionality and integrates with third-party Helpdesk backends.


Having high precision data from various sources provides vital insights into your end customers behaviour.

Professional Support

Support subscriptions and deployment services are available for running Waldur in production.

Waldur HomePort Screenshots

Waldur HomePort splits management functionality into workspaces that are used by users in corresponding roles.
Waldur supports management of resources from both public and private cloud providers through a single pane of control.
Оrganization and project teams management is done with invites-based delegations. Allows to maintain full control over access grants while streamlining operations.
Service provider management allows to get an overview as well as manage offering, orders and resources purchased by customers.
Marketplace allows to provision resources from the available service providers that match policy configurations for a particular project. Marketplace offers a common provisioning flow for heterogeneous cloud providers.
Reporting view allow to understand resource usage by customers according to different attributes in a compact and clear view.

How it works

Waldur MasterMind cloud orchestrator exposes REST API service that enables end-customers to access Marketplace, organization, project and resource management functionality. MasterMind comes with advanced Admin Portal interface for operator-only use.

MasterMind is highly modular. Modules are divided into Core, AuthN, Value-add and Provider groups. For example, Core modules deal with standardized global objects while Provider modules map and handle backend specifics. Core functionality can be extended and customized further with Value-add modules and identity providers are fully pluggable.

Provider modules allow to integrate and connect with in-house infrastructure orchestrators, existing systems and public cloud endpoints.

Waldur HomePort is a state-of-the-art Self-Service Portal targeted at the end customers. It is built as ReactJS application and communicates with MasterMind API service directly from a browser. It provides a graphical user interface for Marketplace catalogue, dashboards, resource management and much more.

HomePort includes Helpdesk functionality for convenient interaction with operator’s support team.

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Waldur integration with OpenStack

Added value of integrating Waldur

OpenStack is a popular open-source solution for building private Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions. It is provided by multiple vendors that allows to reduce lock-in for the infrastructure. Waldur provides native integration with OpenStack APIs and adds value by extending several aspects of OpenStack deployment. Waldur works with OpenStack versions from Liberty onwards and supports Keystone, Nova, Cinder, Neutron and Glance components. Contact us to find out more!
Pure OpenStack
Waldur + OpenStack
Pure OpenStack
Username/password (local / LDAP). Possible to integrate SAML-based authentication. Self-registration is not possible.
Waldur + OpenStack
Support for a wide set of methods:
  • Username/password (local / LDAP)
  • SAML-based providers (incl. eduGAIN)
  • National ID cards
  • Social: FB, Google, etc.
Team management
Pure OpenStack
Users and projects only, permission management requires administrative access
Waldur + OpenStack
Organization-friendly user model with support for self-registration, invitations, profile management and project team management.
IaaS self-service
Pure OpenStack
Available, most of features of OpenStack are exposed to the users via Horizon.
Waldur + OpenStack
Support for basic and advanced modes. Basic mode provides simplified and standard ways for creating private clouds and VMs in OpenStack, which also doesn’t allow to create "broken" infrastructure. Advanced mode means providing full access to OpenStack with limited account.
Project management
Pure OpenStack
Basic access management for users in OpenStack tenants.
Waldur + OpenStack
Support for setting organization-level policies by infrastructure operator as well as limitation by organization on project level (required certifications, maximum monthly costs, permitted cloud services).
Hybrid clouds
Pure OpenStack
Typically is used for management of in-house resources with KVM. Experimental support for management of other virtualisation stacks.
Waldur + OpenStack
Designed to support multiple cloud services, including OpenStack-based private clouds, public clouds (DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure) and batch resources (SLURM, Moab). OpenStack integration does not require intrusive modifications OpenStack.
Service Desk integration
Pure OpenStack
Not available.
Waldur + OpenStack
Support for basic (email-based) and full API-level integration with Atlassian ServiceDesk.
Event logging
Pure OpenStack
Resource creation / modification logging, business events are not logged.
Waldur + OpenStack
Full audit trail for exposed functionality. Easy way to extract into CSV or other formats
One-click apps
Pure OpenStack
Supported through Heat or Murano extensions, which require extra management. Not possible to deploy across multiple clouds.
Waldur + OpenStack
Supported through Ansible-based playbooks that allow to provision applications and platforms across hybrid infrastructure.
Accounting and invoicing
Pure OpenStack
Usage accounting of consumed resources. No concept of show/chargeback, billing periods, invoicing.
Waldur + OpenStack
Support for custom billing models on monthly basis, support for accounting or invoicing models, support for payments. Self-service displays full history of resource consumption with prices and usage details.
Integration with public clouds
Pure OpenStack
Proof-of-concept solutions exist, however mostly used for in-house resource management.
Waldur + OpenStack
Support for Azure, DigitalOcean and AWS clouds.
Integration with private services
Pure OpenStack
Operator-driven, through experimental OpenStack components.
Waldur + OpenStack
Possible to import private organization's cloud deployments and limit its use to one organization only ("bring-your-own-cloud").
Pure OpenStack
Waldur + OpenStack


Getting started

Developers documentation

Technical guidelines and documentation for contributors.
MasterMind guide, HomePort guide, Contribution policy.

API documentation

Waldur MasterMind is designed as API-first application.
API documentation. Ansible module.