IT Provider


Waldur is used by IT providers for offering a convenient self-service environment for their customers. IT provider can use Waldur for publishing services to the customers, allowing them to request and manage offerings in a fully digital way.

The main benefits of using Waldur for IT providers are:

  • A web-based self-service tuned for use cases of IT providers.
  • Ability for the end users to browse service offerings from IT provider.
  • Support of multiple identity providers: username/password, LDAP, AD or SAML.
  • Non-intrusive extension of revenue stream by means of a digital platform.
  • Usage dashboards highlighting current, historical and projected consumption of IT resources by customers.


To assure successful implementation of Waldur in a Data center, an agile and evolving approach is suggested. It allows to mitigate the risks related to integration and adoption by users.

Implementation journey


Deploy of a minimal Waldur system.
Register offered services.

Integration with Service Desk

Setup a Service Desk account for Waldur.
Provide a single support channel for customers.


Production launch

Open service for end-customers.
Assure monitoring is configured and backups are running.

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